Fete dela WSK! is dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental sonic art, as well the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of digital culture in South East Asia.
WSK! -- three cryptic letters, which can only provide as much as the sum of the parts. It is organized by SABAW Media Art Kitchen – a not-for-profit organization whose primary interests lie in curatorial and research-based production towards the imminent intersections of art and technology.

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20:48 The “Transmissions" series is an audience interactive, live electronic music performance series about the transmission of culture through the information media of sound and radio. It redefines the relationship of performers and audience to the radio medium, opening audio spaces to unheard voices in diverse communities by emphasizing the ability of both to create both the content and the means of production of radio communication.About C-drík:
Born in Zaire (DRC), of Greek, Belgian and Congolese descent, C-drík aka Kirdec begun to study declamation, orchestral drums and music theory in 1985, started to compose music in 1989 in the project Crno Klank. He later on studied electro-acoustic/acousmatic music at the conservatory of Mons, Belgium. He currently produces different music genres ranging from electro-acoustic music to minimal wave, digital punk to industrial, dark ambient to electronica, etc. He’s Syrphe label owner, a label partly dedicated to alternative electronic and experimental music from Africa and Asia.
Label owner : Syrphe, mostly dedicated to electronic and experimental music from Asia and Africa.
Radio host : at Staalplaat Radio and presents experimental music from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Performed in 43 countries in Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America.
Lectures and talks about electronic and experimental music in Africa and Asia given in Vietnam (Hanoi Sound Stuff), Indonesia (Indonesia Institue of the Arts, The Unifiedfield), Czech Republic, Morocco (Lycée Descartes), Algeria (Musée public national d’art moderne et contemporain d’Alger, organised buy Pulsation Sonore), Lebanon (Zico House, organised by Acousmatik System), France (École Supérieure D’Art D’aix-En-Provence), Taiwan (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts), Slovenia (Kiblix 2013), Belgium (MNÒAD), Germany (NK, Mindpirates Auditaurium, organised by DAAD, Deutschalndradio Kultur, Technical University of Berlin, House for Electronic Arts Basel), etc.
Member of music projects such as Axiome (Belgium), Tasjiil Moujahed (Lebanon), Elekore (Singapore), Tetra Plok (Belgium) and a dozen more, collaborated with artists all over the world : Choi Joonyong (Astronoise), Cindytalk, Contagious Orgasm, Damo Suzuki network, David Thrussell (Snog, Black lung), Dickson Dee (Li Chin Sung), Effie Wu, Kueiju Lin, Lin Chi Wei (ZSLO), Manuel G. Richter (Xabec), Mark Spybey (Dead voices on air, Download), Mathis Mootz (Panacea, M²), Mick Harris (Scorn, Lull), Naofumi Ishimaru (Yximalloo), Yan Jun, etc.
Composed soundtracks for theater plays, short films, films and choreographies (GDMDC in China, Ðào Anh Khánh Studio in Vietnam, Baltā Nakts in Latvia…) and published an essay entitled Une singularité au sein de la musique noise d’Afrique et d’Asie. (Les presses du réels in the book Le performentiel noise, Edited by Sébastien Biset. In English here : http://syrphe.com/texts/A%20singularity%20of%20noise%20music%20in%20Asia%20and%20Africa.pdf
Performed in festivals like ZXZW (now Incubate Festival, Netherlands), Maschinenfest (Germany), Hanoi Sound Stuff (Vietnam), Audiotrauma (France), Pulsation Sonore (Algeria), to name a few and has been selected to perform and / or give some workshops in the following European capital of culture : Brussels 2000, Maribor 2012, Marseille en Provence 2013.
Published music on various labels : Ant-Zen (Germany), Ad Noiseam (Germany), Syrphe (Germany), Hushush (Canada), Mad Monkey Records (USA), Gun Music (USA), PuZZling Rec. (Belgium), Independenza Recordings (Belgium), Shanshui (China), Deaf Blind Dumb School (China), Sleepless Records Berlin (Germany), Pflichtkauf (Germany), Ruptured (Lebanon), etc.


Collecting five more audiovisual immersive spaces.
Mixed augmented realities where the audiences are immersed into hyper-sensory environments and induced into synthetic sensations.


[pic. VOID by Tundra / (O)OMICRON by AntyVJ / DROMOS by Maotik&Fraction ]


Live audio visual…

14:48 Tonight at Green Papaya! A rare chance to see renowned moving image artist Takahiko Iimura from Japan, performing <Circle and Square> live in Manila with 16mm film, along with Korean film artists Hangjun + Hankil’s <Projectionist & Typist>Don’t miss this one-time event!
Didn’t have enough of the Observatory last night? Don’t worry. There is more coming for the closing of WSK tonight at Green Papaya! The last night of WSK 2013 and it sure will be epic, drop by to celebrate the madness with us! 
13:24 An influential force of Singaporean music scene, the Observatory, has joined WSK for an exciting night performance on 16th Nov. As an indie rock and electrical band, the group will not disappoint you at any level.
For more info, please go to www.wsknow.com
or https://www.facebook.com/events/654325544618128/

What could sound do? Even the smallest action can create a whole world of tunes! Check out our special guest from Japan, Mamoru’s workshop on WSK.fm on Friday at 15:00 pm! His recent works evoke the possibilities of creating sense of value out of the neglected things in pre-existed economical sense by sound, which is also immaterial and non‒economical in essence.

Only on WSK.fm

The Southeast Asia premiere of Leviathan in Shangri-La, Makati, this coming Friday 19:30 pm.
An interestingly filmed documentary that suggests a sensory experience rather than just capturing the conventionally “beautiful” images of the life in the sea. If you wish to watch a film that has a conventional narration do not watch this film festival hit. 
Organized by Shang Cineplex, Fete dela WSK, Ambafrance Manille in cooperation with Hors Pistes Tokyo( オール・ピスト東京 ) and with the help of Peliculas Los Otros
Limited seats. Email fetedelawsk@gmail.com to be added to the official guestlist. First-come, first-serve only.
Fete del WSK 2013 kicked off with an amazing lineup of Japanese sound artist Tetsuya Umeda, the Philippines’ own Elemento and Bent Lynchpin. The event went great in a unique venue of old Manila, where history meets the modern music.
Not too much should be said in words, you must bring your ears to taste the excitement. Including workshops, concerts, screenings, radio launch, special programs and many others, please check: www.wsknow.com
21:46 mediaartkitchen:

Title: Media festival founder of OK Video in conversation with Fete Dela WSK with guest artist from Manila, Tad ErmitanoOutline: Talk theme; Media practices in Jakarta and ManilaSpeakers: Ade Darmawan (ruangruapa/Ok Video, Jakarta), Tad Ermitano (Media artist from The Philippines), and Tengal (Fete Dela WSK, Media festival, Philippines)
21:50 terminalgarden:

WHEN: July 5-12 (M-F 6pm onwards, WEEKENDS 1.30pm onwards)
WHERE: TERMINAL GARDEN, 566 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
This 8 day workshop will introduce coding to artists who want to incorporate programming into their work, starting with basic elements of the Processing language and moving into topics including 3d modeling, using peripheral devices like the Kinect and Arduino, data visualization, computer vision/sensors & interactivity, and generative art inspired from nature, statistics, biology, and computer science. 
We will also work on projection mapping techniques, and filmmakers and visual artists are invited to bring content and a concept, and we will help set up the tech for installing it.
The programming will be done in Processing but the concepts are applicable to other languages and tools.
On the last day, we shall have an opportunity to showcase what we’ve learned on the 13th JUL by providing visuals and projection mapping during an electronic music concert at B-SIDE! [more info TBA]
This course is part of 2013 BEDROOMLAB workshop series.
Requirements: Bring a computer with processing installed — you can download a free copy from http://www.processing.org. 
(Prior programming experience not required!)
Fee: 1,500 PHP (for the whole week!) 
15 Slots available.
Book Now: Tengal - 09206045559, tengald@gmail.com
About the workshop lecturer: 
Gene is a media artist, music technologist, and researcher specializing in the intersection of generative systems and data mining. He writes free software for performing arts and researches emerging technologies. He currently works at Sourcetone.com developing software which delivers music according to its emotional content. Web => genekogan.com, twitter.com/genekogan, github.com/genekogan
I don’t know how to program, is it necessary for this workshop? 
-No! We shall be focusing on concepts and streamlining the workshop lessons to each partipant’s skill and interest. 
Say you’re a filmmaker, a theater art director, or a motion graphics artist and want to learn how to do video mapping or use computer tracking technology using Kinect. You don’t need to learn your programming basics 101, just come on over and we’ll help you set-up your project. We anticipate that the workshop participants vary, some would be more skilled in programming, others won’t. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you to let you get the most out of this workshop. Having some programming background is useful, but not necessary for this workshop.
Are you sure it’s only 1,500 PHP? 
-Yes! We’re not in it for the money, we want to cultivate a community of first-time creative coders and artists. FACT: this is the only 8-day workshop on generative art (or Processing language) offered in the Philippines and only for 1,500 PHP!
Will there be assignments during the workshop? 
- Most of the assignments we’ll give you would probably just links to videos and reading material. We want to focus on getting our hands dirty during the workshop session itself! 
What if I miss one day of the workshop? 
- The reason why we are trying to limit the workshop participants to a maximum of 15 people is because we want our lessons to be tailored specifically to each participant. Say, you miss one day, no need to worry, we’ll catch up with what was the lesson you previously attended. Of course you will make the most out of the workshop if you participate on all 8 days. 
I want to learn how to use kinect and arduino for interactive projects but I don’t own one, should I buy?
- Buying is entirely up to you, but completely unnecessary. We have 2 arduinos, a kinect, and a bunch of other sensors that we can use during the workshop. 
Is there a dress code for the workshop? Is this like going to school? 
- Nonsense! The workshop is a rare workshop that is combines both informal and intensive! Come as you are, no need to be proper, just be yourself. We envision the workshop environment to be informal, fun, and easy. We don’t serve refreshments, but there is a bar just outside the venue. If you prefer to bring your own. BYOB to share!
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